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A Hamper For Every Theme

30 October 2023

Create hampers to suit your theme or brand with our coloured wicker hampers. All made from the high quality wicker you've come to expect from a Gadsby hamper but in a variety of colours. No matter what colour you opt for, we know you'll be able to find the perfect hamper or mix of hampers for your business.

A selection of coloured wicker hamper baskets stacked randomly on top of each other

White wicker hampers

Still handmade in the same traditional way as when we began back in 1864. Of course, there are modern touches. You'll find high-spec vegan straps and a strong interwoven wicker handle that's practical and attractive.

Our white hamper baskets come in 12-inch and 14-inch sizes. Our 12-inch wicker hamper is a popular choice for small gifts and is among our bestsellers. The 14-inch wicker hamper is ideal for medium-sized gifts. It's large enough for a gift including a bottle of wine and 3-5 other items.

Like black, white is synonymous with quality and is perceived as premium by shoppers. We weave each basket using steamed willow which is then dip-coated in a non-toxic white paint.

Black wicker hampers

Our black wicker hampers have been incredibly popular this year and we only have one size remaining for delivery before Christmas. Our black 18-inch wicker hamper is an ever-popular colour option, adding panache to any gift or packaging solution.

Like all our hampers, they are handwoven from steamed willow and finished with a satin black paint coating, this stylish finish offers a contemporary twist on the traditional hamper. An 18-inch wicker hamper is ideal for medium-sized gifts, with two wine bottles and 5-8 moderate sized items easily fitting inside.

If you're after hampers for the new year, our other sizes in black (12-inch and 14-inch) will be back in stock early 2024. Hampers aren't just for Christmas, after all!

White and light grey hampers

Light grey wicker hampers

Our light grey wicker hampers are an excellent choice for those who want to create a deluxe hamper basket filled with a selection of small cosmetics, self-care and relaxation products. Its soft matte-painted finish and calming hue will help you attract discerning customers seeking a luxurious gift hamper to indulge their loved ones.

We offer this coloured hamper in 10, 14 and 18-inch sizes. The smaller size is great for those mini skincare and beauty products. Whilst the larger sizes have enough room for your classic wine and chocolate gifts. The straps on these hampers are lighter too, we've opted for bright white to secure your hamper rather than brown or black.

Bronzed wicker hampers

Our bronzed wicker hampers offer the perfect balance between natural earthiness and antique-rustic charm. Each hamper tinted with a water-based varnish to create a fashionable and defined finish. Ideal for those who are looking for a hamper to match their retail space, their branding or simply to go with a certain theme.

This hamper comes in 2 sizes: 10 and 14-inch. Both of which are ideal for creating confectionery, cosmetics and food and drink hampers - the choice really is yours.

Stencilling your hampers

If you're looking to boost brand awareness even further then opt for our in-house hamper stencilling. This service is the perfect way to put your logo front and centre. Our hampers are built to last so this often means they are used time and time again, therefore your hamper could be in a number of homes as it's regifted.

With minimums as low as 20 hampers and a short lead time of 7-14 days, this affordable option is a branding no-brainer.