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Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Packaging

19 October 2023

This holiday season, look at our cardboard hampers and trays as your cost-effective gift packaging solution. From versatile letterbox gift boxes to elegant hamper boxes and our exclusive MocBox®, we offer a range of options tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Collection of card hampers and boxes

Our cardboard packaging doesn't just offer you a budget-friendly option during this expensive time of year, it's also eco-conscious. Our choice of materials not only allows your customers to reuse the packaging at home but is also fully recyclable. This commitment extends to the windows in our cardboard bottle boxes, making your holiday gifting not only affordable but also sustainable.

Hamper Boxes

Create more affordable hampers with our extensive range of Christmas hamper boxes. All our card gift boxes have a core of strong recycled board and are coated with red, black or natural premium quality coloured paper. If you're looking to build festive hampers this season, then our red range would work perfectly.

As well as the classic hamper sizes, we also have letterbox gift boxes in either manilla and grey or wicker print - these work particularly well if you're an online subscription box business. The size of the boxes fit smaller beauty products, sweets and chocolate, all whilst being letterbox friendly to keep posting costs down.

Our card wine boxes come in grey, green or gold. Whether you're looking for premium boxes for bottles or a stylish gift box for small-medium sized products, this cardboard gift box is a smart choice. The boxes also feature a transparent window to perfectly frame your product and provide good visibility to the recipient.

Image of 2 letterbox gift boxes

Gift Trays

We have a wide range of wooden and card gift trays. This kind of product is incredibly versatile, especially without a lid constricting what you can put into the tray. Use shred to keep your products all in one place and to fill any void spaces then use cellophane and ribbon to wrap the tray up into an effective Christmas gift basket.

When it comes to selecting the size of tray you want, arrange your products on a flat surface as you'd like to see them in the finished tray. Take a bit of time to come up with the most appealing composition and then measure around the outside allowing a 2-3cm gap all round.

Our gift trays come in a variety of sizes and colours. Whether you opt for festive red, classic wicker, modern manilla or sleek black, customers will love receiving this as a gift and being able to then reuse it once Christmas has come and gone.

Collection of cardboard hampers, trays and wine boxes


MocBox® provides a photorealistic, budget-friendly alternative to some of our most popular wholesale gift packaging. The card hamper features clean lines and a smooth finish, offering a contemporary twist on our signature wicker hampers.

The incredible detail might fool you into thinking it's genuine wicker due to the realistic printed straps, hinges, and other features you find in a willow hamper. This gift box features an overlapping hinged lid to make the unboxing experience like a wicker hamper.

A great hamper for small gifts, confectionery, brownies and chocolates. This sturdy, lightweight box is a great postal hamper. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, the MocBox® is made from recycled cardboard, recyclable, and biodegradable.