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Q&A - Helping businesses of all sizes

30 August 2023

We caught up with James Govier, account manager here at Gadsby, to talk us through how businesses of all sizes can benefit from working with us. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a new product to add to your growing business, this is the Q&A you need...

Gadsby Q&A with James Govier, Sales Manager at Gadsby

Can you start by telling me what your day-to-day at Gadsby looks like?

Absolutely! I am usually greeted with a busy inbox of enquiries from new and existing customers. Christmas comes early here at Gadsby. We are seeing an increased number of companies reaching out to plan their festive orders. Much of my day is spent working with our logistics and manufacturing teams. This is to manage the progress of our clients' bespoke projects and keep them up to date. I also like to make time to stay connected with our customer base and keep them up to date with new products and services, as well as letting them know we are always here to help if we can.

What advice would you give to a business just starting out?

Do not hesitate to get in touch. We work with businesses of all different sizes and have a diverse product range that fits in many sectors. Think about what you hope to achieve and set small realistic targets. Together we can discuss how to put this into reality. We have no minimum order quantities on our standard stocked items which can be a big help when starting out.

What are the initial steps for a business wanting to place their first order with Gadsby?

It's incredibly easy. Simply register for an account on the Gadsby website, add the items you would like to order to the cart and proceed to checkout. It really is that simple, no hidden quirks. We are always at the end of the phone though if you need any help or advice.

How do you help and support growth for businesses?

It starts with a conversation. I know how competitive the markets can be, but we have the tools and experience at Gadsby to give you a unique identity. This is what separates you from your competition. Let's have a chat so we can understand what you hope to achieve and work together to grow your business.

How do you build and maintain those all-important customer relationships?

It's a bit cliché to say I go above and beyond for our customers, but I always aim to show genuine care and appreciation. It's about creating a positive experience and building lasting trust. We have a superb product range, and with our extra services I know we are the 'go to' company for hampers and our other ranges. The old saying of 'people buy from people' is still relevant, and that's why I treat all our customers individually and ensure we deliver on our promises.

Do you have a customer success story you're particularly proud of?

It's almost impossible to pick one. I am lucky enough to have been involved in so many interesting projects. I am particularly proud of the processes we have in place at Gadsby to bring our customers ideas to life. It's not unusual for a customer to come to us with just a concept of a bespoke product and together with our marketing and manufacturing teams we can bring these ideas to life.

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