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How Much Can I Fit in a Wicker Hamper?

20 May 2022

That really depends on the size of your empty hamper basket. We offer wholesale wicker baskets in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colours. To meet the needs of different customers and price points, we recommend stocking a range of sizes filled with a variety of products.

As the UK's leading hamper supplier, we offer the widest range of wicker baskets, from the modest 10-inch up to the enormous 26-inch trunk hamper. Read on for a list of our most popular baskets, along with information on what they're popularly used for.

How much can I fit in a Wicker Hamper?

The 10-inch is the smallest of our wholesale wicker baskets, perfect for small presents and sweet hampers. Jars, half-size bottles, and chocolate bars fit neatly inside. In addition to being an excellent mail-order hamper, it also works wonderfully in hospitality settings as a one-person picnic box.

The next size up, the 12-inch hamper, offers just a bit more width and height, which can really make a difference. It is ideal as a small cheese hamper with crackers and condiments. Despite not quite being large enough to hold a standard bottle of wine, smaller bottles, such as spirits, fit comfortably inside alongside packets of nibbles.

The most popular sizes for food baskets are our 14 to 20-inch sizes. The 14-inch is best suited to a one-bottle gift with other foodie delights packed alongside. The 16 to 20-inch empty baskets can then each fit several wine or champagne bottles, as well as many other larger gifts. They are popular year-round packed as gifts or used for summer picnics, weddings and dining alfresco.

Come winter hampers are highly favoured as a Christmas gift basket for loved ones, clients, and staff alike. And of course, the Christmas hamper takes center stage at indulgent festive feasts. Popularly used as wicker food baskets, our hampers have other uses too. Our larger baskets are ideal as wicker storage baskets in retail displays or at home.

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