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New: Metal Freestanding Display Units

12 January 2024

At Gadsby, we're always looking at where we can expand our product range based on the needs of our customer. Our new range of freestanding display units (FSDU) is perfect for a variety of retail settings. Whether you're a café, deli or shop, your brand can benefit from these modern display units.

Metal Freestanding Display Unit

What Does FSDU Mean?

FSDU means Free Standing Display Unit. It's generally used in retail environments to highlight different types of merchandise. If you're a greengrocer, use it to display fruits and vegetables and other food goods. Bakers can use it for selling bread, pastries and more. The stands also look great in stationery, gifting and other retail outlets. These point of sale (POS) display stands serve the purpose of showcasing products within marketing initiative.

What Does CDU Mean?

CDU is short for Counter Display Unit. In comparison to the freestanding display unit, these are smaller and can fit on a counter next to the till point. This makes them great for impulse purchases and last-minute panic buys. They're not restricted to just be displayed on the counter, use similarly to the freestanding unit to display a range of goods on your shop floor. Both display units work well if you're limited on floor space and want to make the most of the extra shelving height.

Durable & Strong Material

The metal stands are made here in the UK from a hard-wearing metal called mild steel. This is a ferrous metal made from carbon and iron. Whilst incredibly strong and able to withstand busy retail settings, the stand frame is still lightweight. Finished in a silver bronze, it suits various aesthetics.

Not only durable, but the stand also offers fantastic flexibility and versatility for shop owners. If you change your display seasonally, monthly or even weekly then it's a great option as it's easy to move around. We're noticing retailers opt for versatile display units rather than permanent fixtures and fittings. The shelves can be repositioned and angled in two different ways, the feet are adjustable for stability and the POS header can be removed when necessary.

Metal Freestanding Display Unit

Configure Your Own

In the collection, you'll find everything you need to create your own bespoke metal display stand. The metal stand frame (60cm, 85cm and 150cm) comes in two parts, making it incredibly easy to fit together. The bottom frame features the adjustable feet whilst the top half is for added height. The frame also features two middle bars for added support.

The shelves can be added to and removed from the metal stand frame as required. They are designed with a front edge for added product security and metal arms that can slot in and out of the frame with ease. The shelves can also be positioned at the classic 90° or a more optimised 110°. This helps customise the look further and increase functionality of your retail shelving unit.

The POS header can also be added and removed when required. Use for displaying point of sale assets you already have or use the chalkboard header within this range to highlight key information and promotions.

Range Of Kits

As well as individual components you can purchase separately, we also have 24 unique kits that can help you with your look. Each stand size has eight kits for you to choose from. We've spent a lot of time considering the kind of look retailers want in their store and have picked our bestselling crates and wicker/ polywicker baskets to go within these bundles. From Acacia wooden crates to natural wicker baskets, you're sure to find a bundle that you love.

If you need a little more help on our metal display stands, we're always on hand to offer advice and our own expertise. Need some help? Just call us, pop us an email or chat to us online. We're available from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.