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Cheers to Good News: Our Wine Bottle Carriers Are Back in Stock!

10 March 2023

Guess what's back in stock? Our charming wicker wine carriers! These versatile bottle baskets are perfect for outdoor summer events, adding a charming rustic touch to any celebration. From picnics to a day at the races, these carriers are a must-have for your spring/summer gifting range or hosted event.

Wicker Wine Bottle Carriers

These wicker wine carriers are not only beautiful but also robust and practical. The sturdy woven wicker construction ensures that bottles are safe and secure when being carried to the perfect picnic spot. The interwoven handle makes them easy to carry, and the individual compartments keep your bottles from clanking together.

Offer your customers a unique gift set with these carriers, available in two-bottle, four-bottle, or six-bottle options. Wrap it up with cellophane and ribbon, add some gourmet snacks and a corkscrew, and voila - the perfect gift for any wine or beverage enthusiast!

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, more and more customers are seeking sustainable, eco-friendly gift options. By offering our wicker wine carriers, you can cater to this growing demand while also adding a touch of rustic charm to your products.

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