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Unlock Growth: Corporate Gifting for Small Businesses

4 December 2023

Whilst usually associated with the festive season, corporate gifting is something that is on people's radar all year round. Companies can offer it to their employees to celebrate milestones, recognise achievements, build and strengthen relationships and increase networking opportunities.

If you're a small business, then this kind of gifting is a great way to add to your range. It can help build on customer relationships, increase brand awareness and gain customer referrals.

Unlock growth, corporate gifting for small businesses

The Small Business 'Personal' Touch

It's important to have a good range of products on offer and some personalised options if that's something you can provide for businesses. If you're a hamper business, then ensure you have enough inventory and themes to adhere to people's needs throughout the year. It's not just for the Christmas period, after all. Brands and businesses may come to you for a range of needs. What they get from a small business that they wouldn't necessarily get from larger businesses is flexibility, personalisation and that all-important attention to detail. This is something you should shout about when it comes to your marketing and online presence.

Building Up A Hamper Range

It's necessary to expand your range so when companies come to you for all their gifting needs you can offer everything need without them having to go elsewhere. If you sell wicker hamper baskets, then think about branding options. This is a great way to get your name in countless homes and build up brand awareness and reputation.

Our most popular options for customisation are our branded liners and stencilled hamper lids. Our branded liners offer a subtle personal touch to a hamper. Paired with our split willow hampers, we offer two options: single colour screen printing and full liner customisation. Send us your artwork, sign off a digital proof and we handle the rest.

Our in-house hamper stencilling is used by a lot of small businesses because of the short lead time and small MOQ. It helps to put your logo front and centre to make your brand truly unforgettable.

gift hamper bundles

Adding To Your Range

It's not all about wicker hamper baskets. If you're a small biz that uses lasering to personalise products, then our wooden bottle boxes are a great product to have in your offering. Achieve crisp, precise engravings that look great. Engraving the natural wood results in stunning contrast and is ideal for showcasing intricate designs.

Whether a company comes to you looking to add messages, names or a more complex design, our boxes provide an outstanding base for your creativity. Equally, this kind of product works well for brand promotion. Laser engraving, screen printing, heat stamping and metallic foiling are our most popular wooden box branding techniques. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Shred, Bows, Transit Packaging & More

If you're building up your corporate gifting range, make sure you have the basics in stock. We have a great guide that talks you through the best way to make a best-selling hamper. Shredded paper and wood wool is important. Not only to keep the products within the hamper safe in transit but also to help boost its presentation when in store or online.

We have a range of different colours and varieties so you're sure to find one that works for your gifting range. Standard straight cut paper shred is ideal for cushioning lighter gifts, whilst our crinkle cut shred works for packing heavier gifts. Our FSC-certified wood wool is a fantastic alternative to shredded paper. A natural, British-made option for filling your hampers, it has a lovely premium feel.

If you're after something different to shred, then we also have tissue paper and cellophane wrap to use as void fill. The cellophane wrap works particularly well with hamper trays. As they are designed without a lid, the cellophane keeps the gifts in the tray together whilst giving the recipient a sneak peek of what they're getting.

If you're shipping hampers, then transit packaging is almost as important as getting your hampers ready. Our transit packaging supplies include outer boxes, postal boxes and bottle packaging for all your shipping requirements.

Corporate Gifting Execution

Identify the target market for your corporate hamper range. Consider the preferences and demographics of the businesses you want to attract. A key factor to think about is different price points and budgets for the customer. You'll be supplying a range of different businesses and companies (big and small) so it's important to have a bit of variety for everyone.

Secondly, think about whether you want to theme your hamper baskets. Like we said, they're not just for Christmas so think about different holidays that you could plan your hampers around. With this, product selection is also key. If you can, personalise the range. Choose products that align with the preferences of the target businesses. If customising the hampers isn't something you offer then try using a variety of items such as gourmet snacks, beverages and other merchandise.