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Why We Love Our New Cardboard Gift Packaging

2 September 2013

As we've just announced details of an exciting expansion to our existing range of gift boxes and gift packaging, we thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the considerations that played a part during the design process of the new items.

When working towards a new range of products we always undertake a very thorough consultation and design process both internally and with our customers. This is to make sure that the final products are functional, effective, beautiful, and work brilliantly for the clients that use them. After all, these products are aimed to help you sell more! So, here are what we believe to be some of the key advantages of our new gift box collection.

Designed to help you save time

Time is always precious, that's why when designing our new range we decided early on that this should be a key consideration in the process. At busy times, you don't want to be assembling flat pack gift boxes, it's inefficient and costly. That's why our full range of gift boxes arrive pre-assembled. We stock a wide range of ribbon, shredded paper & wood wool to help make your hamper business run as easy, simple and cost-effective as possible.

No compromise on quality

We always believe that the quality of packaging should reflect and highlight the quality of the products within. As such, the design of the range was not simply down to time-saving considerations, we also wanted to give it a feel and finish that was representative of our high standards.

We settled on using a very thick inner recycled cardboard, which is then coated with Craft Paper to give a very high quality and tactile finish.

This finish was then combined with a number of unique design aspects that take the range to another level. For example, our wooden wine boxes feature a unique rope lid mechanism, and gift boxes in the range make use of a simple but elegant magnetic closing system.


Essentially, much of what we offer, including the new gift trays, wine boxes & bottle packaging and gift boxes, is packaging. Our products are designed to help you sell more of your products. Naturally, this raises the issue of cost. The packaging must be cost-effective, on top of showcasing and enhancing the products held within.

We feel that our new range leads the market. The prices are not just competitive, but that are also cost-effective. These items are a fantastic way to add value to your offering, enticing customers to buy Hampers or bundles of product is a great way to increase average order value and increase sales. The new cardboard packing trays and gift boxes are fantastic examples of this, and the wine boxes are an easy, affordable way to give a simple gift like a bottle of wine an added touch of quality and exclusivity.

They're a fantastic way to help you create a full 'range' of items

All of the new items are versatile, but they also work fantastically well with one another to create a full range of gift packaging that can truly showcase your products and help create a stunning, consistent range that will help drive sales.

The full range is available in three carefully selected colours, which allows you to create continuity, or perhaps match the packaging with certain themes, seasons of the year, special events or even your own colour scheme.

Small gift boxes, medium gift boxes and large gift boxes are available, allowing a wide range to be easily created, and their versatility means they are not tied to a specific use or product. For example, the gift boxes make fantastic chocolate coxes, but work very well with non-food items as well.

Even better, why not consider supplementing and expanding your range with some of our other products. For example, wicker hampers are a perfect luxury option to include at the top end of a range in conjunction with cardboard gift trays. Some of our products, such as our new range of slate boards, make great gifts themselves, so why not consider including these in some of your Hampers.

With the full range of gift packaging that we hold from stock, including items such as shredded paper & wood wool and ribbon, you can also continue your themes and colours even further.