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Why We Use Paulownia

22 August 2023

Gadsby has used Paulownia in the production of our timber products for a long time. Known as the 'phoenix tree' as it has an almost magical ability to quickly regenerate from its roots once harvested, it is an attractive and lightweight hardwood. Let us tell you more about this incredibly versatile material...

Paulownia Tree

What is Paulownia?

Paulownia is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. Its name comes from the Queen consort of the Netherlands in the mid-1800s, also known as 'Princess' or 'Empress' tree. Boasting appealing characteristics, it displays sizable heart-shaped leaves (measuring a whopping 75 cm in diameter!), and in Spring, it becomes adorned with an abundance of vivid lilac-coloured blossoms. Paulownia wood is the lightest known timber other than balsa.

Does Paulownia grow in UK?

The most common grown variety in the UK is Paulownia tomentosa (Foxglove tree) however the Paulownia tree originates from China and Japan. Where other species wouldn't survive in adverse soil types, close to large industrial cities, Paulownia can really thrive. This makes it a fantastic tree for regenerating polluted soils.

Paulownia tree lilac flowers

Is Paulownia sustainable?

Due to the speed at which Paulownia grows it's an incredibly sustainable material. The Paulownia tree presents a unique answer to the issue of vanishing forests. This fast-maturing hardwood demands minimal oversight and requires only modest investments. The harvesting process commences in 8-10 years and can be an ongoing annual practice for as long as needed, given that fresh shoots sprout from the stumps of felled trees.

What is Paulownia used for?

Because of its durability and insulating properties, Paulownia is widely used in the construction sector, however it has become increasingly popular within manufacturing. Any product that requires good quality, aesthetically beautiful timber, Paulownia is perfect for. It also has an attractive cool blond tone and takes well to staining and painting making it particularly versatile.

Wooden Bottle Box

What Gadsby products are made using Paulownia?

We use a lot of solid Paulownia to make gift packaging and display products. This includes a collection of bottle boxes, wooden crates, and counter top display. The personalisation options are vast, particularly with our wooden wine boxes. You can easily achieve crisp, precise engravings that look fantastic. Engraving the natural wood results in stunning contrast and is ideal for showcasing intricate designs. Whether you're looking to add messages, names or a complex design, our boxes provide an outstanding base for your creativity.