How To Sell More Gift Hampers On Valentine's Day

As the first major holiday of the year, Valentine's Day can provide a welcome boost to your sales slump following a busy Christmas. Besides the more traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers, people are now splurging on more extravagant gifts, and not just for their significant other but for friends and family too.

A sales opportunity not to be overlooked and a chance to use red gift packaging leftover from Christmas, here are five steps to ensure sure you're maximising your hamper sales this V-Day.

Valentine's Day Hamper Gifting

1. Create something unique

While many retailers sell their gift bundles in single-use packaging, our clients have found greater success by choosing our sustainable gift packaging options. Reusable packaging not only adds value in the eyes of the consumer but also offers them a way to stand out from their competition. As demand for eco-friendly packaging continues to rise, it makes sense to include it in your gift range.

An interactive experience for your customers is one way to create uniqueness. A great idea is a 'build-your-own' hamper. You could build a hamper station from CrateWall and provide customers empty hampers with everything else they need to create a romantic dinner date at home or even an indulgent pamper hamper for exhausted parents!

Making your gift baskets more personal is another way to tug at buyers' heartstrings. Besides the aesthetics of your gift boxes and hampers, storytelling will help you cultivate a customer's preference for your products. The stories of your producers - how their products were made, where ingredients are grown - go a long way in securing those all-importing sales. Investing in decent chalkboards and point of sale for in-store messages makes sense.

Remember, your Valentine's gift hampers don't have to be cheesy (unless we're talking about the real thing, in which case nothing says 'I love you' like a heart-shaped vintage cheddar!). It's easy to make hampers without them being cliché, you just need to think outside the box!

2. Make it clear all Valentine gifts will arrive in time

When it comes to Valentine's Day, your customers want to be certain that their gift hampers will be delivered to their loved ones on time (otherwise it could mean a night on the sofa!). If there's any ambiguity about delivery dates, they'll shop elsewhere.

Be sure to clearly state your shipping times on every listing, and if next-day delivery or Special Delivery is available, mention it. If you always post hamper baskets the same day or the next day, tell people in the listing! Make sure every potential customer feels confident ordering their Valentine gift from you.

Our warehouse is well-stocked, so we can usually dispatch your wholesale order on the same day. Ordinarily, it takes 1 business day for express delivery, larger orders may take a bit longer. Upon receiving your hampers and packaging, you can begin filling and selling them right away!

Valentine's Mailbox

3. Get your hampers out there

You can still get in touch with your customers even if you don't sell traditional Valentine's Day products. People are looking for a moment to spoil themselves and their loved ones, and this is the perfect excuse.

The upcoming holiday aimed at loved-up couples, is the perfect time to update your retail displays and introduce your latest products to your loyal customers. The versatility of CrateWall lets you configure it in endless ways rather than having to change retail furniture with every new promotion.

You can boost your Valentine's Day sales by displaying related products with your gift baskets and hampers. This will make it easier for shoppers to grab everything they came in for plus a few inspired purchases.

Reach out to your existing customers with a marketing email a few weeks ahead of time. During this time you can re-engage customers who have just bought from you during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas. The reminder should not only prompt many of them to check out your Valentine's gifting selection but the rest of your offering too. Be sure to use your social media accounts to remind people of the upcoming holidays as well.

CrateWall Retail Display

4. Offer more – make everyone feel special

Valentine's Day is no longer reserved for just couples; it's become an excuse to spend money on people other than just their partners. People are sending gifts to loved ones they cannot see and spreading a little love among friends and family.

It's worthwhile creating a few alternately themed hamper gifts that make Valentine's Day more inclusive. Even if your business doesn't subscribe to Valentine's Day, it offers many great opportunities to sell to a wider demographic.

Consider throwing some Galentine's Day hampers into the mix. Galentine's Day, celebrated on February 13th, has grown in popularity in recent years. As the name suggests, it's a day where female friends show appreciation for each other.

The pet lover community is another audience worth paying attention to. Some people will always love their dog more than humans, so create a luxury dog hamper full of the finest dog treats to spoil their pampered pooch.

[Self] love is in the Air! After the past two years, we're all deserving of some self-indulgence! The perfect self-care gift hamper needs comfy socks, a relaxing candle, luxury chocolates and a few additional pamper night essentials.

Valentine's Packaging Accessories

5. Get ready early

Since it's the first major spending holiday of the year, it's a good idea to be prepared. Most supermarkets and larger retailers would have swapped their Christmas aisle for Valentine's promotions as soon as the new year rolled around - but don't worry, there's still time.

Give yourself enough time to assemble your hampers and get them on the shelves. You'll also need to factor in photography and writing descriptions if you plan on listing them on your website.

Create a 'range' of hampers, with small, medium, and large options. It helps customers have a wide choice of products based on their budgets. Be creative when it comes to filling your hampers and gift boxes with products. Don't just stuff them full of similar-looking items. Think of ways you can use colour, scent, texture, and flavour combinations to attract shoppers' attention.

The number of components you choose will vary based on whether you choose a cardboard gift box or wicker hamper basket. Based on the demographic of your customers, choose items that are affordable and desirable.

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