Themed Hampers & Gifting: 5 Top Tips To Boost Profits

Themed gifts can help inspire curiosity and interest in your products. From 'Mother's Day Gifts' to 'Gifts for Him', gifting opportunities are plentiful throughout the year. Think of adding a specific target customer to stylishly wrapped gift bundles as a form of adding value.

Here are some top pointers for maximising your gifting sales with themed hampers. All you need is some empty gift packaging; wicker hampers, card gift boxes, packing trays, and some imagination to create a compelling selection.

1. Curate hamper gifts into simple themes

Without a clear idea of what to buy friends, family and co-workers the task of gift buying can be overwhelming. Scrolling through countless websites and traipsing round the high street can be time consuming and stressful.

This is where a well curated gift hamper can save the day and provide customers with welcomed inspiration and a 'ready-to-go' solution to their gifting dilemma.

Stylish and carefully curated ready-made gift boxes can be just what your customers are looking for. Your curated collection could be split into simplistic categories such as recipient, occasion or inspiration and include themes such as 'gifts for her', 'wedding gifts' or 'gifts for foodies'.

Take 'gift for foodies' for example. The perfect gift for food lovers would be a gourmet gift hamper selection filled with locally produced goods, artisanal cheeses, and deli favourites.

Remember, an effective themed hamper doesn't mean trying to showcase everything you sell relevant to a topic; it means curating a compelling collection of products that satisfies a customer's need for inspiration and an easy purchase.

Baby themed hamper with toys and clothing

2. Find Your Unique Selling Propostion

If you don't know what makes your gifts unique from your competitors then you could be losing sales.

Establishing a unique selling proposition that offers customers something different from rivals is one way you can acquire new customers and secure customer loyalty.

What differentiates your business from the competition may be service, value, quality or a combination. The best way to find out what keeps your regular customers coming back is to ask them!

Themed hampers are a cost-effective way of delivering variation to shoppers. Use a range of hampers and gift packaging, from traditional hamper baskets to small gift boxes to create a diverse gifting range. By composing your own themed hampers, the likelihood of a competitor offering the exact same product are reduced. Customers are often drawn to something new and are often willing to spend more on something out of the ordinary or specifically tailored to their recipient so use this to your advantage.

3. Assist Customers with Gift Presentation

Offering customers beautifully wrapped gift hampers is another way to provide great customer service and boost your sales. Having ready-made gifts takes the pressure off customers and will have them returning to your store the next time they need a gift for an occasion.

Pre-packaged gifts allow flustered shoppers to purchase thoughtful gifts and reduces the amount of time staff have to spend gift wrapping when checkout queues may be an issue.

Well presented gift boxes and gift hampers are great for creating visually appealing retail displays. Be creative and use a mixture of gift packaging sizes, shapes, textures and colours by incorporating wicker baskets, bamboo trays, card gift boxes and wooden crates to make your gift display eye-catching. Make sure you include gifts at a range of price points to appeal to all your customers.

As well as offering 'grab and go' hampers, you could also offer your customers a 'build your own' service that allows customers to choose their own empty hamper baskets and empty gift boxes to fill with products of their choice. This is a great way to increase basket value and create a memorable shopping experience for your customer.

Adding finishing touches to a gift tray

4. Branded Hampers and Corporate Gifts

One of the best ways to 'get your brand out there' is to do it quite literally. A gift hamper with your brand logo or name on it is a brilliant way of raising brand awareness with both corporate clients and retail customers.

A branded corporate gift helps to build brand associations and leave a positive impression on your prospect's mind. This is a fantastic cost-effective way to level up wicker hamper baskets and convert them into lead generating gifts.

The process is simple and there is just a small application fee in addition to the low unit cost of your wicker hampers. Once we have your brand logo, we make it into a stencil and as if by magic, your hampers are branded. We can logo a wide range of hamper sizes, from 10 Inch Wicker Hamper Baskets up to large wicker baskets. The most popular branded hamper is the 14 Inch Wicker Hamper Basket, it's the optimum size for a company logo.

Branded merchandise is great for word-of-mouth advertising and is an effective way establishing trust and loyalty with new and existing customers. Traditional hampers are a popular homeware item which make them the ideal product for branding. We tend to trust brands that our friends and family endorse so becoming a permanent storage solution in someone's home is fantastic way of getting your brand seen by more eyes!

5. Focus on budget instead of theme

This strategy is effective, and is a sure way of helping customers to narrow down an array of gifting options.

This works particularly well for Farm Shops and Deli's selling pre-made food hampers. By creating a range of gourmet food hampers with tiered price points, customers can quickly and easily choose a hamper gift basket that suits their budget.

The 'good', 'better' and 'best' pricing approach is also great for upselling gift hampers as it incorporates a price anchor for customers to easily evaluate the options available to them.

Our earlier article Why Effective Price Points Are Key To High Sales digs a little deeper into why it's important to have a good grip on price points and how they can have a huge impact on the success of your hamper sales and profits. Make sure you go back and read this useful guide if you've skipped past it.

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