Using Card Boxes To Build On-Trend Hampers

Gifting trends may come and go but for any discerning retailer, incorporating cardboard gift box hampers into their gift offering will set them up for increased gifting sales in the year ahead - and beyond.

In this next article we've rounded up 5 cardboard gift packaging trends from viewing windows to creating shareworthy gift box hampers that will make your gift offering more enticing and memorable. Let's take a look...

1. It's clear, viewing windows boost sales

Shoppers like to be able to see exactly what they're buying, which is why in addition to shape, colour and finish, viewing windows play an important role in cardboard gift packaging. Especially with gifts like wine bottles it can be a mistake to hide away the gift inside a solid box or wicker hamper, using a gift box with a clear window can really improve the presentation.

A gift box with a window is designed to offer customers excellent visibility of the product inside, improving the view of what's on offer and helping add perceived value, an attribute that we have discussed in previous guides.

Transparent windows are great for showing off the primary packaging of the products inside. This is particularly great if the contents of your gift hampers have clever or quirky labels and colours that will appeal to shoppers.

Plain coloured gift boxes with a see-through window perfectly complement the more detailed designs of commercial packaging by framing the products and providing a neutral backdrop. Together, the hamper gift packaging and product inside combine to create a great gift presentation.

An additional benefit to clear lid gift boxes is that they preserve product integrity by eliminating the need for gift boxes to be opened in-store. This can make a big difference to the longevity and shelf life of your products.

Using Card Gift Boxes To Build On-Trend Hampers

2. The subscription box boom

According to a report by Royal Mail the subscription box trend is booming and isn't showing signs of slowing down with forecasts suggesting sales will be up 72% by 2022!

A lot of large brands are already offering their customers a monthly subscription service but there's also a fantastic opportunity for smaller and independent bricks-and-mortar shops to tap into this new gifting trend.

Letterbox hampers are a brilliant way of introducing customers to new brands and products. Leading UK gift subscription brand Birchbox delivers a personalised beauty box to their subscribers' doormat every month which is packed full of samples and miniatures of popular cosmetics.

The most successful subscription boxes appear to be those that are refined and provide the customer with a 'taster' of products rather than an overwhelming choice of items. Letterbox hampers that fit through a customer's mailbox are the ideal size for subscriptions boxes. The small gift boxes are constructed from robust recycled cardboard that omit the need for additional transit packaging. The rectangular boxes with lids have an attractive wicker print design which is a contemporary twist on the traditional wicker hamper basket.

Gift Boxes

3. Emphasis On Sustainability

2019 felt like a turning point in retail with a lot of leading brands making changes to their product packaging strategy in response to customer demand for more sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

By adopting the sustainable product packaging trend you're more likely to win customers and their loyalty. A good place to start is by evolving your gifting range to include fewer plastic-wrapped products and phasing out single-use gift packaging.

Embracing sustainable gift packaging needn't have a negative impact on your profit margin. Cardboard gift boxes and card gift trays are a popular choice for retailers looking for cheap wholesale gift packaging that doesn't compromise on quality. All of our gift boxes have a core that's made from recycled greyboard.

Rather than opting for budget flat-pack gift boxes you can add value to your gift packaging itself by choosing reusable gift boxes and trays. A gift hamper box is worth more to a customer if they can repurpose it once the contents have been taken out.

4. Keep It Simple

Minimalist cardboard gift boxes are stylish in their simplicity, adding an air of elegance to gift hampers and bottle gifts without overpowering the products that sit inside them. Instead of creating clutter with promotional jargon, the uncomplicated design of our magnetic lid gift box design lets the products speak for themselves.

Going with a simple cardboard gift box means that a lot more of the customers' attention will be drawn to the finer details of your gift packaging so it's important to not compromise on quality gift packaging if you want to achieve high sales.

Here are a few of the ways our gift boxes are designed to help:

  • Straight, sharp edges and neat corners that don't damage easily.
  • A strong magnetic closure and perfectly fitting lift-off lids.
  • Strong recycled core that doesn't warp.
  • Discrete joins and edges.
  • Premium smooth finish.
Stack of gift boxes

5. #SocialSharing

Social media is a great tool for building brand awareness and acquiring new customers and what's more, attractive gift packaging can do much of the hard work for you! Used strategically over time, popular social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be an effective marketing platform to boost your gift hamper sales.

You could go down the avenue of paying social influencers to review and advertise your product but a far more organic and cost-effective method is to create shareworthy gift hampers that people want share on their newsfeeds and instastories.

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