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Adding Value Through Gift Packaging

9 April 2019

Products inevitably look better and sell better when they are beautifully packaged but it's not just the aesthetic quality of a product that is integral to their success – let's explore the ways high quality packaging can enhance and add value to your products and business.


Gift hampers

Gift hampers are a great way of introducing customers to other products and product lines that they may not know about or have been curious about trying. They can also help you clear some of your slow-moving stock by bundling them with more popular lines.

Cash in on convenience

For many, convenience is the new luxury. Consumers are looking for quick and easy ways to save time during busy and stressful shopping experiences, especially during seasonal holidays.

By providing pre-assembled hamper gifts, refreshed regularly for different occasions throughout the year, customers will come to rely on you for gift inspiration and convenience.

To guarantee the benefit of the convenience factor, be sure to consider availability, visibility and timing.

Providing a comprehensive selection of gift hampers, varying in size and price point, will serve the majority of your customer base. At Gadsby you'll discover a breadth of wicker hampers, bamboo trays, cardboard gift boxes and wooden crates that will provide you with an abundance of highly cost-effective ways to create a sell-out collection of attractive gift hampers.

During peak trading periods, don't be afraid to limit the variety of gift hampers on offer as this can save you valuable time and also reduce the stress of decision making for the customer.

Create a display of your gift hampers and pre-packaged presents at key focal points around your store for time-poor customers; a few additional strategically placed hampers around your establishment will grab the attention of your leisurely browsing customers.

Finally, it's sounds like an obvious point, but ensure shelves are stocked in advance of seasonal holidays and busier trading periods to capitalise on convenience shoppers.

Multiple uses

Our hampers and gift packaging not only provide an array of options for your gift presentation needs, they also have multiple uses for the customer once its contents have been removed.

From our pre-assembled rigid cardboard gift trays to our beautifully handcrafted wicker hampers, all of our gift packaging products are robust and long-lasting unlike single serving flat-pack packaging.

When choosing the best packaging for your products, easily make smarter choices with reuse in mind. Consumers will assign value to a product they can repurpose for storage or re-gifting, which gives you opportunity to increase your product margin.

Enhance customer unboxing experience

The colour, the texture, the shape and the quality all account for the overall consumer experience. A product which feels substantial and luxurious in the customers hand is even harder for the customer to put down.

A great amount of thought goes into the design of our products, with quality and customer perception in the forefront of our minds. We spend time handling every sample, experiencing the product how we think the end consumer will interact with it. That is how we know that your customers will favour the premium finish our products provide.

We believe there is as much pleasure in witnessing the unboxing of a gift, as there is being the lucky recipient and we think your customer will agree which is why gift packaging should be a careful consideration, not an afterthought.

With their clear viewing window, our new collection of cardboard gift boxes is a superb way to showcase your products and create excitement and anticipation for the gift recipient and the new lift-off lid on our new square gold chevron boxes if ideal for the big reveal.

Increase memorability of the brand

Customers form first opinion only seconds after walking into your establishment and seeing your products which is why it's imperative that your products, right down to the gift packaging, convey your brand values. A well-curated gift offering and multi-sensory experience will stand you above competitors and stand you in good stance for future purchases.