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Incorporating CrateWall Into Your Retail Space

8 January 2024

The retail landscape is changing. We're now incorporating a lot more wood into our designs, offering retailers a more modern and versatile look for their space.

CrateWall on a yellow background

Three key factors to consider are durability, modularity and flexibility. We don't want businesses to feel restricted when showcasing their products. We want them to have the option to be able to move products around, no matter how big or small their space may be. Smaller displays that are easier to move have become more popular, as opposed to the 'shop-fitted' look.

Our ready-to-use CrateWall system is a great way to update your shop, bakery, café or deli for 2024. Not only does it look great, but it also offers all-important functionality. You don't need to follow complicated instructions or lengthy installations, unlike other retail systems. This blog post will tell you why CrateWall could be just the thing you need to update your space this year.

Understanding CrateWall

The key purpose of CrateWall is for retailers to optimise their store displays. The modular shelving system uses crates as building blocks, offering a customisable and eye-catching solution for product presentation. The way CrateWall is designed means the crates can serve as both storage when they're not being displayed on the shop floor or as rustic-style display units that showcase a variety of merchandise.

The wooden display units are great if you're lacking in floor space. You can build up the CrateWall as much as you like, utilising height space you might not have considered using before. This is where this modern product differs from the more traditional horizontal layouts. There's huge potential to build up and redesign your CrateWall to tie in with your brand or theme of your store.

Boosting Visual Appeal

CrateWall is a great way for you to create a variety of displays. We know that seasonal displays are important to customers and CrateWall offers you the flexibility to change your product display as and when you like. You can update the display with seasonal colours, decorations or themed merchandise. This keeps your store looking fresh to your customer and relevant throughout the year. As well as enhancing product display,

CrateWall also works with other display elements you may already have, adding some interest to your store. Use alongside mannequins, standalone racks or other point of sale for some extra space to your displays and all-important height variation that keeps the customer interested.

CrateWall on a bright blue background

Flexibility & Customisation

As we've touched on already, the reason CrateWall has become increasingly popular is because of its flexibility and the ability to customise however you like. From corner counters and gravity bin walls to single wine walls, there's a huge number of options for you to use to create your own bespoke shelving and storage space.

It's not just larger pieces you can purchase. We also have a range of smaller items you can add to your display unit. From wine racks to flat shelves and chalkboard signage strips, ensure you measure your space or units you have already and implement these sections into your space.

Once you've integrated CrateWall into your retail area, you're able to transform this blank canvas by highlighting a diverse range of products. When organising your inventory, consider quick-selling items, new-to-store products and high value items. Additionally, pay attention to lighting, directional flow and the overall layout of your store.

Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability

CrateWall is made from durable and strong European pine wood making it the perfect long-lasting base for any retail store. The natural finish looks eye-catching in a variety of settings, or you can easily paint or stain it to match your décor and brand.

Not only does it look fantastic, but it is also a great long-term investment. Because we use sustainable and natural materials where we can, the products last longer even when they're in busy retail environments.