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New MocBox® Card Hampers

7 April 2022

We've been doing some work behind the scenes on a pretty exciting new product line that we can't wait to share! Presenting MocBox® Card Hampers, a photo-realistic reimagining of our iconic wicker hampers, but with a modern twist!

New MocBox Card Hampers

We've created MoxBox to offer our existing wicker hamper customers an opportunity to broaden their product range with an entry-level card hamper, at a lower price point. It's also an ideal introductory solution for start-ups or small businesses looking to provide the closest thing to wicker hampers, within their budget.

At least 25% cheaper than the equivalent wicker hamper, it's already making waves. Due early May, pre-order now to secure stock.

Here are some of the features of MocBox

  • Photo-Realistic Design
  • Exceptional Value
  • Eco-Friendly Construction

MocBox® Has Much More To Offer

You can learn more about our brand new MocBox Card Hampers on our information page.

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