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Valentine's Day: Maximise Your Sales

22 January 2024

Valentine's Day is one of the top holidays that consumers like to spend and give. In fact, a YouGov survey found that 37% of UK residents celebrate Valentine's Day by buying presents for their loved ones. The top gifts? Chocolates and flowers, of course.

Selection of Valentine's day gift packaging products

Given the current economic climate, your average customer might not be spending as much as they used to. But it's still worth investing some time and money in extra stock. As we said, people like to give on this holiday and so it's a prime time to take advantage of those added sales. Especially after the post-Christmas lull you might be experiencing.

Not only does Valentine's Day allow businesses to enhance sales, it also is about cultivating customer loyalty. Provide exclusive discounts and promotions on popular Valentine's Day gifts, creating gift bundles or sets, and employing targeted marketing strategies. This can help market your products and distinguish yourself in a competitive market. That customer may then come back for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on, if they've had a positive experience.

Curate Irresistible Valentine's Day Collections

If you're in the gifting sector, V-Day is when you can go over the top (but not cheesy) with the theme. Make sure you have enough hampers in stock. If you've looked at previous years sales then you will be able to estimate how many you will need. No need to worry about running out of stock, we offer next day delivery with no minimum order value, should that happen.

Find a hamper that suits the theme or look you're going for. We offer gift packaging in a variety of materials including cardboard, wood and wicker. We're known for our natural and well-made wicker hampers. Choose from full willow and split willow. With our split willow range you can add liners and personalise. If you opt for the full willow variety then you can choose from natural, white, bronzed and light grey.

Showcase a variety of gifting items from chocolates to sweets in our popular MocBox®. This card hamper comes in 10", 12", 14" or a nested bundle of all three, one of each size. The hamper is a photorealistic, cost-effective alternative to some of our most popular wicker hamper baskets. We also have wicker print card boxes, manilla and grey as well as wood print boxes.

Hop on the letterbox gifting trend with our wicker print and manilla and grey options. If you're offering wine within your gifting display, take the presentation to the next level with our wine boxes. Our wooden wine boxes come in 6 different sizes and offer the perfect blank canvas for your own laser engraving. More specific to the holiday is our range of heart trays and boards that you can use as a hamper or for displaying cakes, cheese and other food.

Selection of gift packaging products for valentine's day retail displays

Online & Offline Store Refreshes

Don't forget, your customer is looking for something extra special so don't fall at the final hurdle. If you haven't got red tissue paper or ribbon then it's time to add to cart! Our red and black tissue paper is perfect for filling your hampers or wrapping up smaller gifting items as a special touch.

Likewise, our satin ribbons come in red, burgundy and black. They add a lovely finishing touch to your hampers. Don't fancy tying up 100s of bows? We also have pre-tied bows that, you guessed it, are available in red and black.

An alternative to tissue paper is shredded paper. It's a cost-effective void fill that is FSC-certified and creates an eye-catching look to your hamper range. In cream, lilac, red and black which makes them a great choice for Valentine's Day.

The Finishing Touches

Once you've got your display ready, it's time to make your store look the part. In physical stores, use decor that add a bit of romance. Opt for heart-shaped signage, and strategically placed red accents. The heart-shaped chalkboards can be used to create cute and rustic signage, as well as hampers.

Offer personalised in-store experiences. Services like complementary gift wrapping gives customers an added benefit of not having to do it themselves, enhancing their shopping experience.

For online platforms, update your website with a Valentine's Day theme. Feature vibrant visuals and romantic imagery. Optimise your website using a landing page filled with your entire V-Day collection. This is to help your customers find it all in one place.

By combining creative in-store displays with an online presence, you can really capture the spirit of the holiday across both platforms.