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Why Wicker Is Still Popular

13 May 2024

Wicker is often seen as a timeless material. It became increasingly popular during the Victorian era. Due to the shortage of rattan, wicker took the community by storm. And it’s still popular today. This is all thanks to several key factors, from sustainability and its natural look to the nostalgic factor. Our own wicker story began in London with the establishment of a retail shop with founder, William Gadsby. And we’re proud to still be supplying this amazing material to so many businesses.

Gadsby wicker hamper basket

The versatility of this material is what sets it apart from others. Wicker can be woven and manipulated into a wide range of items for indoor and outdoor use. Those items include the timeless Gadsby wicker hamper basket. As well as wicker bike baskets, wicker log baskets and more.


A wicker product is made from willow, which is the name of the crop. Willow is used for its strength, its practicality and its sustainability. If you have a gifting range then willow can be seen by customers as the more eco-friendly option. There are many reasons why this is, including the three we’ve outlined below:

  1. It's a renewable resource. It’s fast-growing and has a remarkable ability to regenerate from cuttings or coppiced stumps. When managed well like our crops are, harvesting the above-ground parts of the plant helps the growth of new shoots from the remaining stump or root system. So, even after harvest, willow can continue to grow and produce usable material.
  2. It offers minimal environmental impact. The way our willow is cultivated offers minimal environmental impact. The growth conditions and harvesting practices ensure a sustainable supply of material without depleting natural resources.
  3. It has multiple uses. Willow does naturally decompose. However, as it can be used for various purposes it doesn’t go to waste. Its versatility allows for multiple avenues of utilisation, maximising the benefits of its renewable nature.
Reasons why wicker is so popular with natural willow drying in the background

Reusability & Durability

Our handmade wicker products are often prized for their durability and timeless appeal. These items not only add functionality to a home but also contribute to its aesthetic charm. When customers buy a hamper from your gifting range, they're getting a product with a high worth. It's a product they can make use of time and time again and that's because of how well it has been made using a high-quality material.

Once the contents are emptied or used, the recipient can reuse the basket. Use this unique selling point to talk with your customers about how the basket can be used again in the recipient's home. With proper care, they can remain in a home for years to come, adding character and charm to any space.

Once the wicker product has finally reached the end of its life, it can be recycled. The vegan leather straps should be removed from the basket before recycling.

Aesthetic Appeal

Much of wicker's appeal lies in its versatility and ability to add warmth, charm, and texture to spaces. It has an aesthetic charm that so many people want in their household. We've already explained its reusable factor. When it comes to achieving the nostalgic look at a home, people gravitate towards using wicker baskets.

You can also recreate this in your gift packaging or homeware displays. Its natural, organic feel can soften modern spaces while adding depth and character to more traditional ones. Its look offers you versatility within your store, cafe or farm shop.

Introducing this natural material into your collection is a no-brainer. Whether you brand the basket and leave it empty for the customer to fill themselves or sell it as a filled hamper, the customer knows they’re getting a quality, reusable product. The key factors (sustainability, durability, reusability and aesthetic appeal) are what make it so popular right up to today.

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