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Size Up Your Bottle Gifts

21 August 2023

Our wooden bottle boxes offer a practical but stylish solution when it comes to gifting. Aesthetically pleasing, versatile and sustainable, we've recently added two new sizes to our range...

Wooden Botle Boxes

Types of Wooden Bottle Boxes

We've added two larger sizes to our bottle boxes range to give you even more options when it comes to luxury gifting. As well as our one bottle wine box, one bottle and gift box and two bottle box, we're now offering one champagne bottle box and one magnum bottle box.

Each one is expertly designed to show wine as a sophisticated and exclusive gift. Incorporating bottle boxes into your product selection presents a fantastic opportunity to upsell to customers who are already purchasing a bottle of wine, champagne or magnum size bottle.

Sustainable Material

We use a fast-growing and attractive hardwood called Paulownia, also known as the 'phoenix tree' for its almost magical ability to regrow from its roots after being harvested. A key player in sustainable forestry, its timber is strong, light and resistant to warping.

Thanks to its ecological benefits Paulownia has huge potential in manufacturing, we use it for our bottle boxes as well as wooden crates and counter top display. It has an attractive cool blond tone and takes well to staining and painting making it particularly versatile.

Wooden bottle boxes

Perfect for Personalisation

If you're a seller on platforms such as Etsy, Not On The High Street or Amazon then these boxes give you an excellent opportunity to personalise. Whether you're looking to add names, messages or a more intricate design, our boxes make a fantastic base for showing off your designs.