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Increase Sales: Easter Gifting

4 March 2024

Three of the big national holidays come in quick succession at the start of the year. First Valentine's Day then Mother's Day and now it's time to starting planning for all things eggs-ellent with the Easter half term. Get ready to refresh your store displays with everything eggs, chicks and chocolates!

Easter Gifting Hamper Range

Use gifting hampers and boxes as the focus within the display. Fill with Easter eggs, bars of chocolate and other thoughtful gifts. Think outside the box with items such as toys, flowers, candles and accessories. These kinds of hampers are a great way for you to make gifting friends and family easy for your customers.

It's Never Too Early

Don't think it's ever too early to make the switch from Mother's Day straight into Easter. As these holidays fall so close this year, your customers will be expecting that display transition. It's a great time to think about themed hampers as you have the Easter holiday leading into School half term.

For Easter, themes could revolve around springtime, bunnies, eggs, or religious motifs. For half term, themes could centre around picnics, movie nights or game nights. This can go hand in hand within your display. Make it clear with your point-of-sale material which one is for which. Though it should already be obvious from the hamper contents.

Reuse leftover hampers and other gift packaging from your Mother's Day display. If you have hampers left, great! Switch out the contents, shred, tissue paper, ribbon etc to make it more Spring focused.

Finding The Right Hamper

We have a huge range of wicker hampers, boxes, trays and crates. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you're a company that's just starting out on your gifting journey. We can't stress enough that knowing your target market and what their preferences are is the most important first step when it comes to planning.

It's a good idea to offer a variety of hamper options to cater to different tastes and budgets. This could include chocolate-themed hampers, gourmet food hampers, healthy snack hampers. Or even DIY crafting hampers for kids. By diversifying what you're offering, you can appeal to a wider range of customers.

Think about your audience when it comes to the kind of materials you're going to be using and the price point. Our wicker hamper baskets would work well for adults gifting other adults. This is because they can be reused in their home after the initial gifting.

For children or smaller gifting options, look at hamper boxes, wooden boxes and letterbox boxes. Our card, wicker, bamboo and wooden trays don't come with lids. This is a good opportunity for you to fill with more contents. You can then dress the hamper up more with cellophane, shrink wrap and ribbon. This brings us onto our final point...

Shred, Tissue Paper, Ribbon & More!

What does a great hamper always begin with? Shred, of course. Picking the right shredded paper can mean the difference between your hampers selling out and you having leftover stock. We have a range of colours including Spring-appropriate hues such as green, light blue and lilac. We also have cream shredded paper and wood wool which are both perfect if you want to keep things neutral.

Once your hampers are full, make them look extra special with ribbon and bows. Like our shredded paper, we have many ribbon colours to choose from. We know our green double-faced satin ribbon is perfect for your Springtime display.

Our shrink wrap bags are great for ensuring contents stay in place. Use with gift trays so your customers can see what they're buying but aren't able to move around your display. The larger bag also works well if you want to wrap our 10-inch and 12-inch wicker hamper baskets. Use with a heat gun to ensure your hampers are packaged to perfection.


Now is a great time to think about your display for Easter, half term and the Spring months generally. Selecting the right hampers involves understanding customer preferences and offering as much of a range as you can.

And let's not forget the importance of the finishing touches. From luxurious ribbons to eye-catching bows. These details will boost the shopping experience your customer gets.