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2012 - Year of the Hamper

There can be no denying that 2012 will be a very important year for the United Kingdom. The major events taking place this year are not just wonderful for our country, but a perfect opportunity to generate some extra sales as a result.  With the focus clearly being on ‘Britishness’, hampers are an ideal product to use this year more than ever before. 

We've come up with five reasons why hampers are a great item to offer in 2012, here they are!

1. Wicker hampers are instantly recognisable as British, they are a great symbol of our nation.

2. Each summer, hampers are the thing to be seen with, whether it is at Proms in the Park, the great equestrian events of     the season, or the tennis at Wimbledon. 

3. Hampers are a great way to create ‘packages’ of products for customers. If you are looking to increase sales then hampers can help to upsell other products when they are placed inside.

4. Hampers are ideal for showcasing British products. If you are planning on selling other British items they are great way to  highlight these.

5. Hampers, of course, can be used again and again. 

Wicker Hamper with Great British Shredded Paper

But of course, not just any old hampers will do! We pride ourselves on our quality, service, and pricing, so here are five further reasons why hampers from Gadsby are the ones to go for:

1. Experience – Many other hamper suppliers are simply importers and they have little or no experience with the products themselves. With a handmade product such as a hamper our six generations of experience really counts, and is reflected in the consistently high standard and innovative designs of our products.

2. History - With 148 years of history, we have witnessed two world wars and five monarchs. In fact, 2012 marks our second diamond jubilee!

3. Quality – We are renowned in our industry for the high quality of our products, and have a proud history of supplying some of the most prestigious names in Britain. Our items are even used to represent our nation, an example being the G20 summit in London in 2009, when a Gadsby hamper was given as a gift by Gordon Brown to all the world leaders in attendance.

4. Product Range – We offer an unrivalled range of both wicker hampers and wicker trays depending on whether or not you would like a lidded product. Our lidded hampers start from as little as £5.50 and can be retailed for around £15. We also offer all the extras: Shred, ribbon, raffia, even tape and outer cardboard boxes.

5. Prices – Our prices are always very competitive. Throughout the year we will also be running a number of offers, and releasing a number of new products to help you make the most of the opportunities created by the events taking place. Be sure to check our website often to make the most of current offers.

The events coming up in 2012 will undoubtedly create a number of chances for extra sales. We will be there to help you capitalise on these occasions with a range of special offers, helpful advice on our blog, and experienced staff on the end of the phone to help you throughout the year.

To contact a member of our team you can call on 01278 437123, or email We are also available on our live chat service on our website during office hours.

Wicker baskets with GB shred inside



By Will Gadsby

Will Gadsby heads up our Marketing team at Gadsby. He regularly contributes to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can also connect with him on Google+.


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