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Quality, Price, And How To Avoid Getting Splinters!


I’m often reading articles proclaiming that in ten years high streets will be dead and all shopping will be done online. Indeed, in a world where ever more buying and selling is done within the realms of the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to know the quality of products they are buying, and equally hard for sellers to portray quality and sell items on any factor other than price.

For a company like ours that is very proud of the quality of the products we sell, but also dedicated to selling them at very competitive prices, this can often pose a problem. Items that are totally different are often compared purely on their cost: Far Eastern to European, Pine to Beech. Items that look very similar, especially because of their handmade nature, are in reality very different, both because of the care taken when making them, the experience of the maker, and the quality of materials used.

In the same way, many of our customers; small retailers, farm shops and delis, thrive on the notion of quality products. We strive to create items that live up to the expectations of these customers, that match the retail environment they are looking to create, and quality here is of utmost importance.

I recall specifically a phone call in the office late last year, from a customer who had come to us as a result of comments they had received from another supplier. When asked by the customer why they put finger holes in the side of their hampers instead of a wicker handle on the front, they replied that when in the past they had tried this and then placed bottles of wine in the hamper, the handle simply fell off.

The internet is a great phenomenon, but at the same time it allows businesses with very little experience of their products to create an online presence that substantially overestimates their position in reality. A single person working from their living room can easily portray themselves as a much larger entity, and this is often at the expense of their customers.

At Gadsby we will always seek to maintain the highest levels of quality, while also retaining very competitive pricing. The generations of experience that we have with our products allows us to correctly strike that balance. In fact, due to our long-standing links with the producers we use, the majority of the time we are actually able to supply products of a higher quality, at prices that still lead the market.

Indeed, we still weave baskets on-site, as a family business I at least have grown up with these products, I have always known about them and they are an integral part of my upbringing. It is this knowledge and expertise that allows us to design and create bespoke products in a truly unrivalled way, and maintain the quality of our standard items at a consistently high level.

Whether it is hampers that you are filling with other products, or display stands with which you will try to entice customers to buy your products in store, quality is undeniably the deciding factor. If the display stand holding your items proceeds to give your customer a splinter they are surely much less likely to continue their purchase of the items it holds.

We’re very proud of both the quality and the price of the products we supply, please feel free to have a browse around our website, it has been designed to help you recognise that quality, so be sure to view all the images of the products and make sure you zoom in on them! If you have any questions or would like any help please feel free to give a member of our sales team a call on 01278 437123.



By Will Gadsby

Will Gadsby heads up our Marketing team at Gadsby. He regularly contributes to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can also connect with him on Google+.


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