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Polywicker - What's the difference?

First things first, thanks to everyone who came to see us at Food & Drink Expo at the NEC. It was great to see so many people at what is a great show, where all the visitors seem so enthusiastic and friendly!

The next show we’ll be attending is Taste of the West down at Westpoint in Exeter on the 23rd and 24th of April, if you’re heading to the show you can find us on stand B1.


Now, down to business, which on this occasion is polywicker, or plastic wicker. We have recently started stocking a number of polywicker baskets, especially for use with our range of retail display stands, as they offer a number of advantages over a natural option. For us, the decision to stock polywicker products was not taken lightly. For almost 150 years our business has been based upon products made from natural materials, with a heavy focus on their environmental credentials, so beginning to stock polywicker was a very big thing for us. We wanted to do it in the right way, and as a result the design and production process we set up has been considered very carefully, resulting in polywicker products that are a much higher quality than others you will find, and much more closely resembling natural wicker.

Polywicker is notorious for being very obvious, we’ve all seen plastic baskets before that look very, very plastic. We’ve taken care during the design process of our polywicker range to create items that match the natural version as closely as possible. In fact, the thing that prompted me to write this blog post was the number of people at Food & Drink Expo who were amazed to realise our polywicker baskets were actually plastic, as until they picked them up they couldn’t tell the difference.

So, if it was such a big deal for us to start stocking polywicker items, then why did we do it? Well, polywicker, in some situations, has a number of advantages over a natural wicker alternative. Here are four reasons why you should consider using a polywicker item:

1.       Hygiene:   
Polywicker is completely dishwasher safe. If you are looking to display meat, fish or dairy products it is ideal as it can be placed in chiller cabinets with no potential mould problems.

2.       Uniformity:   
Polywicker, while still handmade, is created from strands of material that are more uniform than natural wicker. While we feel slight differences add character to our natural wicker products, this uniformity can be very useful for retail display, if many polywicker products are placed next to each other.

3.       Colour:   
Polywicker has the potential to be created in almost any colour, for more information on bespoke polywicker products feel free to contact us.

4.       Price:   
Polywicker is very competitively priced, often coming in cheaper than an equivalent natural wicker version.

You can view our range of polywicker products here, although be sure to check back regularly as it is expanding all the time. Our polywicker baskets are also specially designed to fit on our wooden display stands.

If you would like more information about polywicker, or any of our products feel free to contact a member of our sales team on 01278 437123.



By Will Gadsby

Will Gadsby heads up our Marketing team at Gadsby. He regularly contributes to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can also connect with him on Google+.


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