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5 Apps To Help Your Hamper Making This Year

It's a series of processes that applies to whatever project you're working on: Find inspiring ideas, plan properly, and execute effectively. When it comes to projects that involve Gift Packaging, such as creating hampers, we try our hardest to make our part of the mission, the packaging and empty hampers, as easy and simple as possible. Sometimes though, an extra bit of advice can be a huge help. 

We've come to realise two things: (1) Creative inspiration is often a very hard thing to come by, so finding ideas for how to fill, dress and display Hampers that fly off the shelves is often a tough job, and (2) there's thankfully a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise to be had from a variety of both websites and mobile apps that can help with the task.

You may have been making and selling Hampers for years, or it might be a new thing, but there's always merit in doing something a little bit different, you just need to be inspired! So give your brain a break and have a browse of our top 5 apps to help along the way, you may just find a couple that make everything a little bit easier. Of course, these recommendations need not just apply to Hampers and Gift Packaging, you can apply them to whatever industry, business or project you like!



1. Pinterest


Our first two recommendations are both designed to help you get inspired. If you're a retailer wanting to really drive your sales with high-markup items like hampers, then it can be hard to find new and enticing ways of developing and displaying new ideas. That's where Pinterest comes in. It's a huge social database of imagery, originally popular with fashionable American women, which is now the go-to place to find design inspiration.

The fully-fledged website is great, but we love the mobile app even more, just because it's so easy to dip in and out for a few seconds looking for that special image that might give you a great new idea. Even better, when you come round to selling, Pinterest is one of the highest-converting ways of selling gift and design-led products online. The search feature is a great tool, if for example, you're trying to get creative with how you display your wicker baskets or picnic baskets in-store just type those terms into the search box and you'll get a whole host of great suggestions! We've got our own account on Pinterest, and are always keeping an eye out for great images to share, so why not follow us!

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2.  Etsy


Etsy is essentially an e-commerce site and app, but with a difference. It's like an online craft fair, specialising in design-led, vintage and Arts and Crafts products. As such, it is the perfect place to head for great high-end design and gift inspiration and ideas. Perhaps you'll see a product that you can base a hamper around, or perhaps a seller has displayed their wares in a really interesting, unique way. It's also a great place to go for photographic inspiration, so if you're needing to take some shots of your products yourself then have a look through some of the items to get some brilliant ideas for angles, lighting and product display.

The Etsy mobile app is very well built, with easy navigation and like Pinterest, is very much focussed on the imagery involved, allowing you to skim over content looking for hidden gems. Beware though, in looking for ideas, you may find yourself with more items sitting in your basket than you planned!

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3. Evernote


If Pinterest and Etsy have left you feeling suitably inspired, then Evernote will definitely help you with the planning. There's a plethora of note-taking and project management apps out there, but Evernote always pops up at the top of the charts. The functional, easy-to-use interface allows very quick note taking, so if you're out and about and see something that catches your eye you can scribble it down for later. Evernote even allows you to add images to your notes, so take a picture with your phone, quickly note down your thoughts and they are stored for safe keeping! 

Evernote backs up everything you record to 'The Cloud' so that you can access it from all your devices, another aspect that makes it a great addition to your daily routine. Perhaps you've got a shopping list of all the items you need to contact suppliers to order, well you can easily send it from your PC to your Evernote app and have it in your pocket for when it comes in handy. For project-based work Evernote is simply a must-have.

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4. Snapseed


If you're planning on selling online, you're going to need to take photos of your creations that really show them off. Even if you're not, there's still huge merit in snapping away at your products and sharing the shots over social media. Nowadays, plenty of smartphones have respectable cameras, and are a more than adequate substitute for a much more expensive DSLR camera for your daily product snaps. Nokia have just released a new model with a shockingly high-spec 42 Megapixel camera built-in, so you're going to need a great photo editing app on the phone to make some basic tweaks to any images you take. It's a big market, but Snapseed fits the bill nicely.

It's a very robust app, which is adept at changing the fundamental elements of all your shots. It's no substitute for a full PC-based editing suite, but it's ideal for selective adjustments, image sharpening and general tweaks. If you want to show off your creations, this app is a great assistant.

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5. Twitter


Inspired? Everything Planned? Photography Done? Now you need to spread the word! The benefits of Twitter are twofold, it's both a great way to scout out new ideas, and the perfect platform to broadcast your business. 

Twitter's own mobile app is ideal, or there are a number of great alternatives. It's fantastic for spreading on-the-go, regular tidbits of information about your products after you've set up an account. The live Twitter feed is also a great way to quickly catch little gems of information and inspiration, so make sure you follow people in your field who may be sharing things of interest. A good place to start for anything to do with wicker baskets, gift packaging or hampers is our own account, @GadsbyUK, where we're always on the lookout for interesting things to share with our followers. Twitter has quickly become integrated into everyday life for millions of people, so if you're not already active on the platform then get tweeting! If you're sharing interesting things then there's every chance your words or images will be retweeted by others, with many businesses seeing huge sales growth as a direct result of these forms of social media.

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Now that you've got the apps, why not take a look through our own product range to get that part of the process out of the way! We're always on hand to offer friendly advice, so why not give a member of our team a call on 01278 437123 or email them at Oh, and of course, you can tweet us! (@GadsbyUK)

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