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Lagom - the retail trend of 2017.

Lagom (pronounced [ˈlɑ̀ːɡɔm]) is the Swedish concept of “just enough”.  
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2016 was the year we were all snuggling under cashmere blankets, drinking hot chocolate by candlelight while grasping desperately for the Scandinavian utopia of Hygge.   This Danish concept of “cosiness” was everywhere, with books explaining how to do it flying off the shelves and sales of pom-pom covered wraps  through the roof.  Every glossy magazine was littered with articles on how to achieve the “Hygge Look” and how to style snuggle socks.


Well move over Hygge – your time is done.  This year is the year of Lagom.   Yes, another baffling Scandinavian lifestyle trend has hit our shores and with over 140,000 mentions of the phrase on Twitter since January this is big news for retailers everywhere.   So, what is it, how can you tap into the trend and most importantly how on earth do you say it!


Lagom means living in moderation and balance and having a light touch on the earth.  When it comes to retail, this means buying products that are well made, functional and above all sustainable. If you needed convincing about the trend, then just look to IKEA who are currently running their LAGOM LIVE event where they’re promoting all of their most sustainable products to the world. 


The trend can be applied to everything from clothes, to food retailing to interior design.  The message is clear, buy ethically produced sustainable products that won’t wear out in six months’ time. 


The great news for us (and you!) is that this sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Gadsby.  Wicker is by its very nature a hard wearing, incredibly beautiful and sustainable product.  It’s super tactile and taps in perfectly to that Scandi look and feel.  So, if you fancy running your very own Lagom event or just including a few of these items to bring your retail offering bang up to date we can help.  From log baskets, to hampers to bags, we’ve picked out a selection of our most Lagom-ish products. 


Lagom ProductsLog Baskets -   What better way to cement your Scandi credentials than with a roaring log fire and this log basket will hit all the right notes in store.  This one is available to buy from £18.22 on the site here


Garden Trugs - Growing your own has to be the ultimate in sustainability and light touch living.  Inspire your customers to get their hands dirty with our range of garden baskets and trugs. This Rustic Wicker Trug and more can be found here 


Bike Baskets -This new masterplan for health and happiness means getting out and about in the fresh air.  A Gadsby bike basket is as beautiful as it is functional.  Available here from only £10.64. 


Basket Bags - Forget Hermes, Mulberry and Chanel - if you want to live Lagom then you'll need to reject these overpriced labels and opt instead for a wicker Basket Bag that demonstrates you're bang on trend.  They're gorgeous and practical as well.  Our range of basket bags are available from only £5.50 at the site here


So there we go, live life in balance, live life in Lagom, live life in wicker!




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