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New Retail Display Launch

New Product Launch - Modular Display CrateWall


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We're very excited to launch our new modular retail display system that we've been developing and refining over the last few months. We set out to design a shopfitting solution based around attractive wooden crates that was easy to construct and would fit most unique retail spaces without the need of a costly shopfitter. We're very proud of what we've created!

You can design your own CrateWall unit to fit any wall, floor or counter space. Mix and match individual components to build an attractive and robust display unit. The European crates can be painted or stained, and accessories such as castors and chalkboards can be added for additional selling options and flexibility. 

We've put together a collection of Bakery, Deli and Farm Shop CrateWall bundles for inspiration, but the possibilities are endless. Our sales team are happy to discuss alternative combinations and to help plan your retail space.Modular CrateWall Retail Display

Creating a new retail experience works well for attracting new customers into your store; it’s not enough to just sell products these days, retailers must sell experiences too.  Our Single Gravity Bin Wall is an easy way to offer an interactive experience in-store. This zero-waste self-service approach will appeal to the eco-conscious customers wishing to shop more sustainably. Discover why 8L, 13L & 19L Gravity Bins are a growing trend for bulk food merchandising here.

Our Tall Single Wine Wall and Double Wine Wall have been designed to provide wine merchants with a stylish yet practical display and storage solution for wine and champagne. The 16 bottle wine rack fits our 50cm CrateWall to convert any display wall into a wine rack.

Discover the Collection or give our Sales Team a call to find out more!

CrateWall Retail Counter


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